Here’s a quick debrief of my year:

2020 has been the most stressful and rewarding year of my life. After I graduated from undergrad in December of 2019, I did the “job hunt” thing that I felt obligated to do without much luck. I didn’t get the job I really wanted at a magazine company. However, I did get a job at a place that I only interviewed at because I felt desperate to find anything resembling a career; I didn’t take it — it turned out to be somewhat of a pyramid scheme. Then, I was accepted into a…

Between my myriad of internships and jobs I’ve had since moving to Chicago four years ago, I’ve used a lot of different collaborative and communication tools. One company I interned for used Slack to send announcements and internal messages throughout the company; another company I worked at used Skype before Zoom took over the video-chatting world. Most recently, I’ve been using Trello and Basecamp to help with project management.

My favorite collaborative tool so far has been Basecamp. During my time working on a documentary this past quarantine season, my producer and I utilized the app to upload footage and…

Shelby Hawkins

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